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Jasmine embodies a multidimensional approach as a meditation instructor, contemplative guide, and energy intuitive. She is dedicated to guiding individuals towards their authentic selves, to heal from trauma, and flourish in every aspect of life. With a profound blend of

psycho-spiritual insight and grounded wisdom, Jasmine's approach delves into the depths of one's being, facilitating a reconnection to the inherent wholeness within. 


Jasmine draws from her education and training at Columbia University, complemented by over 7 years of experience in spiritual coaching and healing, as she brings a unique synthesis of psychological depth and inspiration to her sessions. Her methodology is a gradual journey of

self-exploration, as she offers profound insights into understanding oneself, navigating life's complexities, and fostering transformation and healing.


 Jasmine's transformative journey began after a pivotal life event steered her away from a successful corporate career in Fortune 500 companies. Embracing holistic approaches, she immersed herself in Eastern meditative practices, pursued yoga training, and attained a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Over time, her practice expanded to encompass modalities such as Chakra healing, Mindfulness Self-Compassion, NLP, and somatic coaching, enriching her ability to facilitate holistic healing and personal growth. Jasmine's intention is to reveal her own light to help illuminate the path of those around her, so they too can reconnect to their own Light.

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