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  • Should I arrive early for class?
    Yes, because meditation is a contemplative practice, we want to ensure a peaceful experience for all. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your class.
  • Do I need to have experience meditating?
    No experience is needed. We give basic instructions and review the basic steps to meditation in each class for those who are new to meditation. You can come to any class with any level of experience and benefit.
  • I have a physical ailment, can you accommodate me?
    Yes. We can accommodate almost any circumstance. We have several types of meditation cushions, yoga mats, and chairs available to sit or lie upon in order to achieve the most comfortable position possible during meditation.
  • What are good classes to start with?
    All of our classes are suitable for beginners. Find a class description that resonates with you and jump right in. We review the basic steps to meditation at the beginning of each class.
  • What should I wear to class?
    We have no specific dress code, however, we recommend that you wear something you feel comfortable to sit or lie down in. Since we ask you to remove your shoes at the door, bring your favorite cozy socks or feel free to go barefoot. Suits or skirts are also welcome although we don’t recommend wearing a mini-skirt, for obvious reasons.
  • What will I sit on in class?
    Unwind is here to make meditation accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we have meditation cushions, meditation benches, yoga mats and chairs for you to choose from. If you are concerned about being comfortable during the session, please reach out to us at or (713) 730-9117 to discuss further options.
  • Can I bring my children to class?
    We recommend Unwind classes for children twelve years and older. You know your child best though, so if you are confident that they can sit still in a class for one hour feel free to bring them.
  • Can you bring Unwind to my office?
    Yes, one of the best parts about meditation is that it’s so portable. As are our teachers!
  • Do you offer Unwind Meditation Teacher Training?
    Yes! If you would like information about this program, please e-mail us at
  • Do you offer Sound Healing practitioner trainings?
    Yes! We offer Crystal Bowl Practitioners Training, Energy Body Tuning Practitioners Training, and Multi-Vibrational Therapy Practitioners Training. To find out more information about these trainings or to register, please visit to our Trainings page.
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