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Jordan Miller is a Multi-Vibrational Therapy© practitioner, a certified Reiki master, a meditation teacher, and empath who has been pulled towards spirituality her whole life. 


Prior to her education/journey, she has undertaken countless hours of research on healing therapies, modalities and practices used throughout history. Jordan studied Art and Art History and received a degree in Electronic Imagine Media Arts in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013.  She initially planned on going into the field of animation, but instead went on a journey of self-discovery. Wanting to constantly help others, the journey started with making healthy treats as a pastry chef. In 2019, she trained and studied level 1 Usui Reiki under Amy Brandon. Through a mutual friend and mentor she met Laurie Maloney  and began her journey as a sound therapy practitioner, while also continuing with reiki. Her second degree in Reiki (Usui/Holy-fire method) was earned in 2020 from Michael at the Higher Heart Center in Katy, and she received her master certificate in 2021 with Andrea at Mainstream Reiki in Idaho. Jordan completed her sound healing training with Laurie in 2021 and is a Certified Multi-Vibrational Therapy Practitioner. 

As a sound healing practitioner, she incorporates reiki healing energy into sound therapy as she works on her friends, family, and clients creating a deeper level of intention and healing using all the modalities she has learned and continues to learn.

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