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Pam is a Health Coach, certified meditation instructor, and sound therapist. She considers Meditation and Sound to be one of the most powerful ancient medicines in the world; something that we can all tap into to harmonize our mind and body and to live a more loving, connected, compassionate and present life.


Pamela Alvarez was born in Mexico City and at the age of 30 she moved to Houston, where her spiritual journey started. She became an IIN Health Coach, helping clients to get healthier and stronger by adopting new habits into their lives and understanding the impact that food has on our body. 

Pam’s journey took a spiritual approach, when trying to get pregnant became an issue, and no diet or doctor could make it happen. That’s when she started her meditation journey. She decided to go deeper, to study and learn the art and practice of meditation, and then to share it with the world. She received her meditation teacher certification from Be Generation Love School, and later received a certification as a sound therapist by the Institute of Sound Therapy in Germany.

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