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The Violet Flame Tuning

The Violet Flame Tuning is a tuning fork session in which specific tuning forks are activated and used to cleanse, purify and recalibrate one’s energy field.  

About The Violet Flame Tuning

This session uses several tuning forks with various frequencies, including those in the frequency range of violet, ultra-violet and gold. These tuning forks harness the power of the higher harmonic of violet, which is the spiritual aspect, and aids in healing and transmuting negative and low-level energies to positive energy that supports you, bringing harmony and balance. The Violet flame is the powerful symbol of the spiritual fire of self-transformation. It is a sacred fire with transformative spiritual energy that can help us move through many obstacles and challenges. The higher harmonic of gold represents the merging and balancing of the divine feminine and divine masculine energy. It is connected to a higher power and higher states of consciousness.

It is believed that violet flame can heal many issues, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is also said that the Violet Flame can balance one’s karma.

Who can benefit from this tuning? 

Almost everyone can benefit from receiving a Violet Flame Tuning; however, it is especially beneficial for anyone who is in rehabilitation from substance or alcohol abuse, anyone who is recovering from any kind of addiction, or for a person who has recently gone under general anesthesia. It is highly beneficial for a person who is in a toxic relationship, or for someone who is living or working in a toxic situation. It is also very beneficial for anyone who is the victim of mental or physical abuse. If you are not sure if this is the right tuning for you, e-mail us at for a complimentary vibrational test. Please send a current photo in your e-mail.  


60 Min Session
1 Session
3 Sessions
75 Min Session
1 Session
3 Sessions
90 Min Session
1 Session
3 Sessions
The Violet Flame Tuning

During a one-hour session, you will relax on the massage table, listening to tuning forks as they are combed through your biofield. You might hear the forks respond to the noise in your field. On occasion the tuning forks will be placed directly on your body. You might notice warm, cold or tingling or other energetic sensations.

Violet Flam Tuning

Need help deciding which Sound or Energy Healing session is right for you? 

We are happy to give you a complimentary energy test. Please send your request to us, with a current photo, your full name and phone number, at

Cancellation Policy

Private Sessions:

Appointments cancelled 24 hours or more in advance may receive a credit to reschedule or a full refund. Full payment will be applied for any cancellation of a private sound healing or energy healing appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. 

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